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Each raid is for players on identified lvl and players on other lvls can not attacks this monsters.
The boss will summon automaticly after killed most monsters from raid. After killing the boss, the best players can get a special reward for taking part in the raid.
You won't know when the raid will start and which raid it will be.
To get information about raids please follow Events Channel.

List of Raids:

Name On lvl Monsters Boss Place
Hollows 4th and 3rd Class
[Raid] Hollow Wolf [Raid] Hollow Giant Snake
[Raid] Numb Chandelier
[Raid Boss] Gilan
North Karakura
Hollows 3rd Class
[Raid] Chandelier Numb [Raid] Hollow Spider [Raid] Normal Hollow
[Raid Boss] Menos
South Karakura
Gilians Attack on Gotei 13
[Raid] Gilan
[Raid] Adjuchas
[Raid Boss] Exequias
Soul Society
Opening gate to the hell
[Raid] Tsumibito [Raid] Togabito
[Raid Boss] Kushanada
North Karakura
Vandenreich Attack
[Raid] Vandenreich Soldier [Raid] Arrancar Vandenreich [Raid] Masked Vandenreich
[Raid Boss] Yhwach
Las Noches