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30 January 2022 (18:09) | NEW WEBSITE Published by ArnHD.
New website look !!

Hello the work on the server is in progress, a lot of your comments have been improved and we are still working. We have added two new systems to the server:
- bounty hunter: from now on you can place a bounty for a fee on a player who annoys you.
- items market: you can put up and buy items from other players.
I hope these systems will diversify your game.

03 October 2021 (11:38) | Bugs fixed!! Published by ArnHD.
I am pleased to inform you that we have managed to fix a very serious and annoying mistake that prevented joint sightseeing and gaining experience in Bleach Legends world. The downloadable client should appear tomorrow in the afternoon of Polish time and we invite you to continue testing our game!!