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11 July 2023 (22:02) | Accounts has delete. Published by ArnHD.

Today, all player accounts have been deleted. The reason is simple: work on the game is back. Maybe I don't have the most free time, but I will try to work and give the max.

Yours ArnHD.

24 February 2023 (13:12) | Character Reset Published by ArnHD.
welcome to the new edition server!

30 December 2022 (23:39) | New Client available!! Published by ArnHD.
Open beta test client download 30.12.2022
20 October 2022 (12:06) | Website update Published by ArnHD.

Work on the game is back!! 
At the moment I'm updating the website, you can already see the effects right? :)
New sites have been added in the "systems" tab that are worth seeing. 
The payment method "PayPal" has been fixed (it already adds points automatically).

Best regards.
07 August 2022 (20:26) | New Client!! Published by ArnHD.
Hello everyone!!
Please download new client.
Fixed few bugs and added new graphiscs.

21 July 2022 (23:59) | Test Published by ArnHD.
Hello this is a website test